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Street theater at a 1992 demonstration features "Mopman", a superhero janitor and recurring character at protests. Part of worker mobilization and demonstration served to attract the attention of contractors and other corporate and political figures.…

In this Mopman cartoon a building service employer rants until he is crushed by Mopman atop the word "UNION."

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Two workers worry about the cost of healthcare. Mop Man notes that having good health insurance is like "having extra money in your pockets."

A flyer featuring the janitor superhero Mopman publicizing the union's campaign to organize building service workers at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA). The flyer asks museum visitors to sign their names in support of the janitors'…

A Justice for Janitors cartoon featuring the superhero janitor "Mopman" instructing immigrants about the limits of supervisors' rights to demand documentation of their legal status.

In cartoons and street theater, the superhero janitor Mopman was a frequent part of the Justice for Janitors campaign during the early 1990s.