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An article in the L.A. County Federation of Labor Newsletter profiles the Labor Immigrant Assistance Project (LIAP) and the California Immigrant Workers Association (CIWA), both efforts by the labor movement to reach out to new immigrants.

A Justice for Janitors cartoon featuring the superhero janitor "Mopman" instructing immigrants about the limits of supervisors' rights to demand documentation of their legal status.

"Many nationalities and slogans mix in yesterday's big march." An immigrant rights march in October 1995 draws Latinos from Mexico and several Central American countries. Participants demand better wages, access to education for their children,…

Salvadorians displaced by a civil war which lasted more than a decade now face a tough decision as news of the war's end spreads. The countless immigrants, having formed one of the largest foreign populations in the United States, now consider…

Members of SEIU assemble in 1994, protesting Proposition 187.

As the AFL-CIO Executive Council convenes in Los Angeles, the author surveys recent successes in unionizing immigrant workers and asks if Los Angeles represents the future of work and the labor movement.

Article detailing the rise of Maria Elena Durazo to the leadership of Hotel Employees and Restaurant Employees (HERE) Local 11.